Our Mission

EcoThink's mission is to help people feel empowered about reducing their carbon footprint and engaging with climate change solutions. 

Who is behind EcoThink?

Maia Carolsfeld

Maia is a Carbon Management professional who believes that everyone should have equal access to climate science and sustainable business information. She has her Master's degree in Carbon Management and Climate Change at the University of Edinburgh.


Maia has experience working in the environmental education NGO sector and teaching ESL in South Korea. An avid reader and board game connoisseur, she is thrilled to bring together environmental and sustainability knowledge with the fun and engaging world of multi-media education.

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Land Acknowledgement

I acknowledge that I live, work, and play on land that is unceded territory of the T'Souke Nation and and Scia'new Nation. These nations have cared for these lands for thousands of years, and I am grateful for every opportunity I get to learn and challenge myself to un-do colonialist mindset in myself and my work. If you notice that I have engaged in work that goes against this pledge, I invite you to reach out to me so that I may continue to un-learn this behaviour.