Learn about Climate Change through Play

I believe that one of the best ways to engage with a topic that is as large and overwhelming as Climate Change is through play. To do this, I am partnering with artists and game designers to create table top games that help us learn and process the dynamics of Climate Change and Environmental Science. 

ecosystem game.jpg
1. "Ecosystems" Card Game

At EcoThink we love playing games of all kinds. This is why I am excited to help create our first card game: "Ecosystems". This game will have players build their own ecosystems from the ground up, racing each other to establish key predators in their ecosystem. Be careful though, as your opponents may play a card to cut down your forest, or the whole table may be affected by a drought! 

This project is in the second round of play-testing and art development. If you are interested in being a play-tester, contact us for more information. 

Kickstarter campaign coming soon in Spring 2022.

More games coming soon...

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