My Projects. 

EcoThink Productions pursues projects that make environmental action accessible and engaging. Do do this, I work together with other creators on games, podcast, video projects, and apps. Learn more about my current projects below.

Project 1. EcoGeek Podcast

The EcoGeek Podcast launched on March 3rd, 2021 and airs new early-release episodes on Patreon every Monday, with full episodes airing everywhere else you get your podcast on Wednesdays.

Do you find keeping up to date with environmental science intimidating? Become an EcoGeek and get to know all the facts without any of the stress. 

Join co-host Maia and Yuko as they explore their EcoGeek curiosity by discussing scientific papers, journal articles, and interesting environmental news. Each episode will be an upbeat exploration of topics such as ocean acidification, the science of food waste, and clean energy. Special guests will help us dissect the nitty-gritty of some of these big topics to make them more engaging, actionable, and just a little geeky.

ecosystem game.jpg
Project 2. "Ecosystems" Card Game

At EcoThink we love playing games of all kinds. This is why I am excited to help create our first card game: "Ecosystems". This game will have players build their own ecosystems from the ground up, racing each other to establish key predators in their ecosystem. Be careful though, as your opponents may play a card to cut down your forest, or the whole table may be affected by a drought! 

This project is in the second round of play-testing. If you are interested in being a play-tester, contact us for more information. 

Kickstarter campaign coming soon in Spring of 2021.

Project 3. The Cinder App

You are at the store, and your favorite brand of sustainable laundry detergent is sold out. It can be stressful to decide on which alternative is the best choice that matches your sustainability values. The Cinder App is a consumer choice tool that will combine Life-Cycle data with an easy to use interface to help decide which product to choose at the grocery store. 

This project is in the conceptual design phase. If you are interested in learning more, get in touch! 

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